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CNC Folding Machine

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The Norma-Line, MaxiLine and Super-Line are innovations of our existing models. Our product development is driven by the ever-increasing demands of our customers. The modular design of the bending machine enables customers to configure the machine to their individual requirements. Depending on the demands, the system is equipped with the following options: graphically supported CNC controls unit, depth stop, conical depth stop, shearing system, cutting systems, hydraulic material thickness adjustment, top beam pretensioning or hem pretensioning. The machines are available in lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.2 m, and the customer can choose between the “S” standard geometry or the “F” geometry, which offers more free space. They can work steel sheets up to a thickness of 3 mm 400 N/mm. Insertion depth is 1000 / 1250 mm.

Our bending machines  are mounted on a frame and equipped with all  necessary levelling and fastening devices. They are driven by a  modern hydraulic unit.  Key terms such as proportionally controlled speeds, top beam with load relief, hydraulic cylinder with a ramp control and pipe break safety devices have long been part of our standard design vocabulary. Stands and arms are designed in sturdy, box-type welded construction. Our bending

machines come with user-friendly controls mounted on a mobile console. To meet their specific requirements, customers can have their machines equipped with a simple OP3100 2-axis control unit, a CP50 pure numeric unit up through to the very latest CP100 graphical touchscreen control unit.


3.1 SL shears / 3.2 SLE shears / 3.3 SL3 shears

All bending machines can be equipped with a SL/SLE shearing system for 1.5 mm steel sheets or a SL3  for 3 mm sheets.

With the SLE and SL3, the air gap and the overlap can be set for various steel sheet thicknesses.



1.1 “S” geometry

Tools with a “S” (standard) bending beam geometry feature a vertically positioned bending beam. There is a maximum free space height of more than 220 mm in the machine to  provide the free space to do the work.


1.2 “F” geometry

Tools with a “F” bending beam geometry increase the amount of free space on the front side of the bending beam to a total of 275°. The bending beam, which is bent by 37° and runs 6° towards the back, allows the production of dimensionally precise 90° hat profiles (working length up to 15  15 mm) and interlocking profiles for facades.


2.1 Stop system Type 11

The automatic stop system Type 11 has standard equipment with  stop fingers. The system is fitted with a safety mechanism which  lifts up if there is a danger  of clamping. Measurement range  is 20 to 1000 / 1250 mm.


2.2 Spring fingers

The standard stop fingers  can be easily converted into  spring fingers. Measurement  range is 10 to 1000/1250 mm.


2.3 Stop system Type 11

The additional, independent stop unit with a depth-stop finger  enables a maximum degree of  conicity from 20 to 1000 / 1250 mm. Conicity is programmed with  the control unit.


2.4 Stop system Type 14

The stop beam is mounted  on a pivot point and is ideal for bending small metal strips. Conicity is programmed with the control unit.


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  • Weight 5.00 KG
  • Length 10.00 M
  • Width 10.00
  • Height 5.00
  • Packaging 5.00 KG

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