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Fixed and Variable Angle Notching (FN/VN)

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Plate Notching Machine is mainly welded by compact steel plate, making it very durable and rugged. And compared with general punching machine, our notching machine provides more convenient and handy operation as the built-in knives of the machine can meet the production demand for general metal sheet processing. Hence, there is no need to manufacture a series of dies when processing a product from a certain angle or of certain thickness. Our Plate Notching Machine greatly saves the cost, improves the efficiency, lessens the working burden, decreases the accident rate and also avoids the trouble of repeatedly changing the dies and clamping. Meanwhile, its low noise creates a quiet working environment for the workers.


 - Solid and simple construction
 - Easy maintenance
 -  Fixed blades for clearance of Plate Notching Machine of any thickness
 -  Corrosion-resistant components
 -  High-quality components
 -  Eco-friendly materials
 -  Manufactured according to European safety rules, CE



Plate Notching Machine is mainly suitable for the cutting of sheet metal and thin bar stock, or sometimes in angle sections or tube. It has been widely adopted in various production fields, including automotive industry, ship, elevator, electric appliance, tube, cooking utensil and stainless steel.


Outstanding Features:

   - Strip cutting device is typical of fast adjustment with the maximized strip size of 200 x 200 mm (optional)
   - Two self-locking stops with moveable and exchangeable stop bar of 350 mm in length
   - Equipped with two blades, one set upper and the other set bottom for reverse type constructed by stainless steel
   - The working table of Plate Notching Machine is Triplex in scales, leading to fast adjustment of the stops
   - Plexiglass guard for easy vision
   - Moveable foot switch
   - Single and set up stroke
   - Slug box
   - Adjustable stroke is installed on Plate Notching Machine
   - Two sheet holders, gas type (FN 2006 only)

The Blade length of the Plate Notching Machine is 200 KN and the shear angle can be of 90°. Meanwhile, the machine dimension ranges from 900×870×1050 to 900×870×1100 based on different types. We, as professional Notching Machine Supplier, are dedicated to supplying you the product as per your specific requirements.


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  • Weight 5.00 KG
  • Length 10.00 MM
  • Width 10.00
  • Height 5.00

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