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C-Frame Single Crank Power Presses (HCP)

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- Adopt the steel welded frame with high rigidity which is the most popular style in the world, stable accuracy and nice out looking.
- Adopt import high sensitive combined clutch, ensure the ram working accurately, lower noise, easy for maintain, long life working.
- Adopt intelligent motor electricity economizer device for save power and soft start up function.
- Adopt import hydraulic overload safety mechanism, could emergency stop machine during over load working pressure. It is more safety for the operator and machine, and auto re-set once the over load released.
- Adopt press environment protect technology, combined safety valve and air muffler together, ensure lower noise, reclaim the exhaust oil completely, better for working conditions.
- Ram is square six side guide rail, high rigidity and precision, air ressure balance device is better to control the ram working precision.
- Crank, transmission shaft, gear, guide rail have heat treatment machining, it is long life working and wearable placidity.
- Adopt Japanese PLC, cam controller, bearing, and others high quality seals, electrical components, ensure the reliability on the whole of machine.
- Manual and electrical lubricate hydraulic system, could auto lubricate and warning system.
- The optional device for this machine is air cushioning, laser safe, and aside feeding system, could get single machine robotization.


Standard Accessories:

- Hydraulic Overload Protector
- Intelligent Motor Electricity Economizer
- Manual Grease Lubrication
- Handle Slide Adjustment Device(nuder HCP-60A)
- Electrical Slide Adjustment Device(over HCP-80A)
- Die Height Indicator(under HCP-60A)
- Electrical Die Height Indicator(over HCP-80A)
- Counter Balance
- Rotary Cam Limit Switch R-10
- Crank Angle Indicator
- Preadjustment Counter
- Air Source Socket
- Pneumatic Feeding Device
- Overrun Safeguard
- Liftout Device On Slide Block


Optional Accessories:

- Die Cushion
- Motorized Grease Lubrication System
- Eddy Current V.S Motor
- Photoelectric Safely Device
- Lights For Tooling Area
- Footswitch Operation
- Magnetic Stroke Counter
- Error Feeding Detector
- Quick Die Change System
- Power Socket
- Anti-vibration Rubber Pads


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  • Weight 5.00 KG
  • Length 10.00 MM
  • Width 10.00
  • Height 5.00
  • Packaging 5.00 KG

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