CNC Press Brake (APHS)

APHS, which is designed with a superior experience of Baykal Machinery for 20 years in press brake manufacturing, will be the most important profit factor of your company. It minimizes your unit time costs with its speedy, sensitive, quality and superior bending ability. Thanks to its monoblock welded body structure with static and dynamic rigidity, it provides a long operating life. APHS press brake converts your most sensitive works into perfect with reliable processes.

Hydraulic Notching Machine (HKA)

Baykal hydraulic corner cutting machines with angle setting have a strong structure with its steel table and eye tooth material provided with static and dynamic rigidity. By preferring Hydraulic Corner Cutting HKA, which is designed and manufactured as need oriented, you will make an advantageous choice for your company.

Hydraulic Swing-Beam Shear (MGH)

Thanks to its long-life rigid structure, it provides dynamic and extremely sensitive prolificacy. It redounds flexibility to its user with thin and thick sheet metal material cutting choices. It is designed to provide operating possibility even in the most difficult conditions. It redounds high productivity, high sensitivity and affective production cost to your production.

Hydraulic Variable-Rake Guillotine (HNC)

Now it is possible to make superior and unique processes with its maximum cutting capacity. HNC upcut shear with hydraulic angel setting; enable you to process materials in all thicknesses with its user-friendly control panel and flexible software choice. It redounds high productivity, high sensitivity and affective production cost to your production.

CNC Plasma Cutting System (BPS)

Do you want to minimize your business expenses? Then we are offering you Baykal plasma cutting machine. Baykal BPS is the model that provides top level sensitivity amongst all series. It is designed for high sensitivity plasma cutting and it can be equipped with two plasmas, inclined cutting (bevel), marking, drill and screw-cutting heads. BPS plasma cutting machine provides profit to your company as of the first minute it is started to operate.

Laser Cutting System FIBER (BLS-F NEO)

BLS-NEO fiber laser cutting offers the best solution to the user for cutting quality, precision, high cutting speed and low cost in cutting of fine material. It is possible to obtain these features at all high cutting speeds. BLS-NEO makes it possible to cut big or special size plates and offers competitive performances against similar fiber laser cutting machines in the industry.

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