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4 Roller Hydraulic Plate Bending (AHS)

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Since the swing guides are designed according to the lever arm principle, the machine provides more power to bend the material, pre-bending becomes perfect and flat ends decrease to minimum level. Drop end opens and then top roll tilts up sequentially to remove the finished part with ease. Drop end opens and then top roll tilts up sequentially to remove the finished part with ease.

Standard Features:

  • Cone Bending Device
  • Induction Hardened Rolls
  • Digital Display for both Side Rolls
  • Fully welded steel (St-52) frame
  • Independent moving control panel
  • Two bending speeds
  • All rolls are mounted in spherical roller bearing
  • Drop end opened and closed hydraulically and controlled from control panel. When the drop end is opened, upper roll tilts up automatically.
  • Cone opening and closing controlled on control panel.
  • Central rolls -upper and lower rolls- driven by hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox
  • Electro – Hydraulic Calibration
  • Production quality certified by CE, ISO9001 – 2008, TSEK ve TURQUM

Optional Features:

  • Infinitevely variable speed of rotation
  • Side and Central supports for big sheet metal diameters
  • Material feeding table with various features
  • CNC graphic control system
  • NC playback control system
  • Interchangeable top roll for tighter diameters
  • Oil cooling system
  • Motors in variable voltage and frequency
  • CNC
  • NC

Side supports and central support


Catch the wind

With the motto of “renewable energy for a new  world”, we are ready to support wind energy sector with our experience. While the capacity of generating electricity from wind energy has been growing all over the  world, we have developed our plate bending machine with a capability to bend wind towers through R&D studies.

Our machines give the most accurate shape to the wind towers in order to ensure that you do not miss the wind.


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  • Weight 10.00 KG
  • Length 10.00 M
  • Width 5.00
  • Height 5.00
  • Packaging 5.00 KG

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