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CNC Beam Drilling, Marking, Cutting Line (ADM)

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With there separate independent spindle units, the profile can be drilled from three sides. There are four tool changing systems with four-toolings capacity for each spindle. Firstly, material to drill (profile, box profile, angle) is placed on infeed conveyor. The workpiece, which is hold with handle claw of drive machine, is driven into the drilling machine and the position of the piece is set to zero by laser light. Drilled workpiece, (if available) is driven to the angled bandsaw with handle claw of drive machine.* Sawing can be done in desired lenght and angle (-44/+60°). Sawed rolls of material are driven to the output conveyor.

Through 3 independent servo spindle units on 3 ADM model, the profile can be drilled from 3 sides at the same time. There are four tool capacity automatic toolchanging system station for each spindle. Beams can be drilled without driving them throughout the beams’ length of 500mm. For instance; if the holes’ diameters are 10 mm and the distances between each holes are 40 mm, the spindle is able to drill 12 holes without moving the beam and that means you may save plenty of time within the operation. And that means very big time saving. Also there is one more advantage of 3ADM system which makes you eligible to make scribing marking on 3 surfaces(Optional). 3-axis marking is also available as an option.


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  • Weight 10.00 KG
  • Length 10.00 M
  • Width 5.00
  • Height 5.00
  • Packaging 5.00 KG

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