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Armada Series

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- Three phase IGBT control DC Saw power, on wheels, fan cooled
- Very smooth DC output, PLC control, energy saving, it can save 30% energy compared with traditional equipment
- The circuit adopts PWM feedback control technology, stable arc, quick arc pilot, high arc penetration, deep melting pool and smooth welding line
- The machine can work as STICK, MIG, SAW and gauging power source
- The welding cart had its own control system
- The spool SAW wire can be used in this equipment
- The automatic wire feeding attributes high speed wire feeding
- Perfect with thermal overload protection
- The machine can do different sort of welding , like flat welding, fillet welding, bevel welding, etc
- The machine is designed for high efficiency automatic welding for very thick and big size work piece
- Ideal and extremely stable equipment for heavy industry, especially for shipyard using




- Control cable 1 piece
- Connecting cable 1 piece
- Earth cable 1 piece
- Others 1 piece


Optional Accessories

- Rail


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  • Weight 5.00 KG
  • Length 10.00 MM
  • Width 10.00
  • Height 5.00
  • Packaging 5.00 KG

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